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taxes on the wealthy, medicare and everything else, you are at a were higher rate? >>guest: of course, this is higher. yes. and you are talking about much higher spending. remember, that government spending is taxation. these guys don't create resources. they redistribute the resources. what they have done here with this, they have had a huge increase in taxes which is why we have the very bad who we have today. it is, unfortunately, we are never going to bring the economy back unless we get control of the spending and get toward the low rate flat tax. can you not do it. >>neil: i don't think either side has offered enough on spending. i think it is baked into the cake it is the result of election and elections have consequences. but on the wealthy i think the rates go up but with the latest proposal, why see enough to adhere to what was the debt commission in cuts, is too little too late, but, too little, more to the point. >>guest: it is too little. what really has to happen here, you are not going to get a good answer in the next two years. you have the groups going at it and they
the better of them, if you want did slow the growth of medicare it is like throwing granny off the cliff they have to get off this. >>guest: what this is holding everything back, the public relations aspect is hurting the republicans. at this point it seems like they increase a lose lose situation so they should draw a line in the sand somewhere because any are going to be blamed for the outcome no matter what. >> this is not a competition between democrats and republicans. you have to give this or that. there is something here. >> it is a competition of ideology. what is the magic of the top 2 percent or 5.58 joe,"? what is the magic of $250,000? >> there is compromise all over the place. >>neil: guys, i thank you all. now as i try to save the country, we have a democratic congressman who heads the congressional black caucus, and congressman, good to see you, again. here is what worried me, now, you and the organization have said, look, not the time for entitlements, don't talk about raising medicare age, and, i think you closed off a huge bit of spending. that is not progress. >>guest:
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medicare and medicaid and social security and the other side refews to come to the taking with reductions. your move, mr. president. >>neil: there has been an unusual own us on mainstream media on republicans and we are not seeing comparable spending cuts. i want a sense from you when you say open to other ideas on revenues like closing loopholes and limiting deductions and write offs, the president's folks say it will have to equal the revenue you would get from reverting back to the old rates. would you endorse limiting deductions and special allowances to the point they presumably raise the same amount of money you would get returning to the clinton rates? >>guest: depends where the spending reductions are. this is part revenue and part spending reductions. the president said he wanted three part spending reductions to one part revenue increases, tax increases. where are the spending reductions. that is what we need to see to talk about the specifics. >> when you hear chuck schumer saying we made the painful spending decisions factors into the talks and discussion, is that double accou
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4